Virtual Challenges

Virtual Challenge Examples
Whatever you decide, please ensure that you are following all the health and safety protocols set out by your local health experts and that you are keeping both yourself and the community safe. If you do not have a basketball and hoop, create your own fun equipment using things around your home like socks, balloons, crumpled up paper or foil, hoola hoop, ice cream bucket, tape on a wall, etc. The possibilities are endless! Share your challenges, your photos or videos by tagging us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!
Things You Can Do
  • Shoot a total of 4300 free throws. One for every Canadian living with (and fighting) CF every day.
  • Shoot 62 free throws per day (or per week) – one for every child in Saskatchewan living with (and fighting) CF every day.
  • Master the James Harden step back.
  • See how many consecutive shots you can make in a row….3-point shots, from the elbow, etc.
  • How long can you dribble for? With one ball? With two balls?
  • Master the Euro step.
  • Challenge your family or friends to a live or virtual game of HORSE.
  • Lower the rim and have a dunk contest.
  • Recreate or mimic your favourite NBA or WNBA player’s signature move.
  • Create your own personal challenge.