Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tips
How To Raise $500 In 10 Days
  • Day 1: Sponsor yourself $25 (or more!).
  • Day 2: Ask three family members to sponsor you for $25.
  • Day 3: Ask five friends to sponsor you for $10.
  • Day 4: Ask five teachers or coworkers to sponsor you for $10.
  • Day 5: Ask five neighbours to sponsor you for $10.
  • Day 6: Ask three more family members to sponsor you $25.
  • Day 7: Ask your boss, babysitting client or coach to sponsor you $25.
  • Day 8: Ask five local businesses to sponsor you for $20.
  • Day 9: Ask two friends’ parents or family members to sponsor you $25.
  • Day 10: Celebrate that you’ve reached your goal!
Other Tips
  • Don’t forget how easy it is to use social media to raise funds! Use Facebook and emails to reach tons of people fast. Visit your personal link and start sharing!
  • Ask your social media contacts to help spread the word by asking them to reach out to their contacts.
  • Have a pledge form with you wherever you go. Be sure to keep careful records of donations received so that your donors receive a tax receipt and your totals add up!*
  • Ask friends and family to forward your email donation request to 5 people they know.
  • Hold a movie and popcorn night and charge $10 donations from your guests!
  • Have a Premier or Finale or Big Game night! Pick your favorite show or game and host a party. Charge a donation of $10 or more from guests.
  • Host a backyard barbecue or wiener roast! Ask guests to bring a side dish or snack and a donation of $10 or more.
  • Use recycle money as a donation for Hoops for Hope! Ask friends and neighbours to allow you to take in their recycling.
  • Give up a coffee or treat once a week and put the money toward your fundraising!
  • Host a steak night at a local restaurant or pub!
Corporate Matching
Double Your Donation

Imagine $1 turning into $2, and $500 turning into $1,000. Many corporations across Canada have employee-matching programs. This means if you ask your employer, they may already have a program to support your involvement with Hoops for Hope in support of Cystic Fibrosis Canada! Many employers have a program that matches the fundraising efforts and donations of their employees.

Ask your Human Resources team if your company is among the long and growing list of organizations that match their employees’ philanthropic initiatives. If not, get your employer involved!

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